20 Foods that help your hair grow faster

The ultimate list of foods that help your “hair grow faster”.

Are you fed up with your dry, brittle hairs that break and fall out every time you attempt to grow them out longer? Have you always dreamed of having a long, glossy mane but have never been able to accomplish it in reality? If that’s the case, go no further than this list of foods that can “promote hair development” and give you the beautiful locks you’ve always desired!

Whether you are attempting to restore your locks after a mistaken haircut or want to have “longer hair“, you may find it difficult to wait for the appropriate length. We know how you feel since we’ve all been there. However, nothing puts a person’s patience to the test, quite like “growing hair“!

Fortunately, focusing on your “hair development” may provide excellent outcomes, mainly when you include some smart eating into your routine. We selected 20 foods that will help you extend your locks and strengthen them and promote the development of new hair, according to research.

1 – Salmon

Salmon and other cold-water fish, in addition to being high in protein and Vitamin D — both of which are necessary for healthy hair growth — also include Omega-3 fatty acids, which our hair needs to develop. This kind of fatty acid is present in the cell membranes and natural oil of the scalp, and additional dosages from salmon help replace them, thus promoting hair growth and maintaining the “scalp’s health“.