3 Common Fatal Health Issues for Senior

There are a number of health issues for seniors that arise when a certain age is hit. This is because a lot of problems can go on in the human body, and a lot of times there is nothing that can be done in order to fix these things. There are institutions and organizations that recognize these health issues in seniors and aim to find cures for them. Some of these organizations include, but are not limited to the Foundation for Medical Education, American Medical Association, National Institute on Aging, and the National Institutes on Health. Their goal is to recognize and understand a wide variety of aging diseases and sicknesses that can either be prevented or cured with the right steps and medications.

Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the rising problems in seniors is dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This is an ongoing problem that has seemed to hit a lot of aging people throughout the world. There is no cure, and it is not preventable. Often it can hit when the person is in their 30’s which can be a scary thought for many of us. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is a serious disease that affects memory and the brain. It has large effects on the person who has it, but also on the families who have to go through it as well. The person with the disease will soon forget everything about themselves and others around them. This can be a troubling time. There are ways to cope with dementia. Getting the proper help during this time can ease the burden and the stress you might feel when it fully hits.

Accidentally Falling

Seniors Health3 Common Fatal Health Issues for Senior
Seniors Health

Fall injuries are another common health issue in seniors. As people age, their balance is thrown off, and a lot of times they cannot maneuver around objects within their home. Seniors who have had surgery on their legs and hips may also be more affected by this situation than others. Hearing and sight abilities decline, so there is more of a risk of falling due to unforeseen objects in the way or balance being off due to the failure to hear. There are ways to prevent this from happening in seniors however.

Ensuring that the hallways and walk ways of the senior’s home are cleared will ensure that they have the proper room to move around without running into anything. You can proof their home much like you can proof a home for a toddler. This will allow the senior to get around with ease, while also being able to stay safe in the mean time.


Diabetes is another fatal life threatening health issue in seniors. Once the body ages, everything within the body changes as well. This can cause diseases and conditions that were not previously there to show up. Ensure that you take the proper precautions with your nutrition to stay away from receiving diabetes while you become older. Diabetes can cause death, and it is wise to understand more about the disease if you think or know that you have it.

Having the proper knowledge to take on diabetes throughout your life is essential to your well being and also to maintain the disease. There is no cure for diabetes, but it can be controlled to live a long and normal life. This even includes seniors, as long as they take the necessary precautions as well.

Taking proper care of yourself before you’re of senior age, and ensuring that you continue to have great oral and personal hygiene as you age will ensure that you decrease your risks for complications as you get older. Nutritional needs of seniors differ as they get older. Nutrition for seniors should not be taken lightly, and should always be kept in mind when making them meals. Health care facilities for seniors are a great way that they can stay active, be safe, and always get the nutrition that they need from professionals.

There are many things that have to be kept in mind when it comes to aging. There a lot of diseases, conditions, and problems that can arise because of old age. One of the worst things that can happen is senior abuse. This is something that should not be taken lightly. If you think a senior you know is being abused then seeking the help they deserve right away is something that should be done. This is to ensure that the person who is abusing does not do so with other seniors, and to ensure that the senior does not get seriously harmed because of the abuse.

Taking precautions is something that a lot of people have to do throughout life. You want to ensure that you keep in mind what is going on throughout life to ensure that you have the proper education on personal hygiene, dental hygiene, nutrition, and the other basics of maintaining a well balanced lifestyle. This will allow you to live longer, and healthier as you continue to age.

Basic rules can be followed to prevent these diseases from happening although it is not a guarantee that they will not happen. There are no cures for them, so ensure that you have help when it is needed. There are facilities and health care clinics that can give you the help you need whether you’re younger or aging and want to know more about the process and the conditions that might arise in the years to come.