Crystal Clear: 5 Ways You Can Care for Your Eyes and Improve Your Vision

Your eyes are quite possibly one of the most important organs in your body. While advancements in technology and society have allowed for people with a wide variety of vision problems to have a normal life, it is still a good idea to care for your eyes the best that you can. The problem is that most people simply do not know how to care for these important organs. Yes, proper eating, exercise, and vitamins all play a role in proper eye-care, but here is a look at 5 more specific ways that you can give your eyes that care that they need.

Sleep Heals

When it comes to your eyes’ health, getting the proper amount of sleep is on of the most important things that you can do. Unless you like to spend long periods of time every day pretending that you are blind, your eyes will more than likely be in constant use from the moment that you wake up to the time when you fall asleep again. While some parts of your body might be fine with only getting a few hours of sleep, your eyes need a much larger amount. Shoot for getting a full amount of sleep every night, which is 8 hours for most people. Doing this will not only keep your eyes healthy and in good condition, but it could also reduce problems such as headaches and fatigue that are caused by eye strain.

crystal cear visionCrystal Clear: 5 Ways You Can Care for Your Eyes and Improve Your Vision

Exercise Your Eyes

Although they are in constant motion, exercising your eyes with specific focusing movements can improve and retain crisp eyesight. First, roll your eyes in both a counterclockwise and clockwise direction for about 10 repetitions. Then holding your thumb up as a visual target, focus your vision on the thumb and quickly change focus onto a far wall. While these exercises might seem silly, they will help to maintain your ability to focus on different objects at various distances. This is extremely important if you eyes are only staring at a computer screen all day, since they will be resting with a single focus for hours upon hours. By simply taking a minute every hours you will be able to maintain your eyes’ ability to focus and clearly see distant objects.

Cucumbers, the Miracle Vegetable

Many people think that you only place cucumbers on your eyes because it is some sort of strange ritual that is associated with getting a facial. The real reason behind using cucumbers on your eyes is that they are full of caffeic and asorbic acid, which cools your eyes and reduces puffiness. It might seem silly to silly to put cucumber slices on your eyes every day, but try to do it a few times a week when you get out of the shower. While you are laying down, massage the area around your eyes with a gentle cleanser. This massage, along with the cucumbers, will help to relax your eyes and maintain their health, which is essential when you are straining them all day in bright sunlight or by staring at a computer.

Alter Habits

Your eyes strain everyday in poor conditions, especially in this technological world. In order to avoid this problem, try looking away from all sort of electronic screen for at least 10 minutes every couple hours. Try to focus on staring at objects that have darker tones, or even go into a room that has no lights. This will help your eyes to properly relax and it will help them to retain their ability to focus in low-light conditions. For dry eye issues, keep your computer screen slightly lower than your head to encourage your eyelids to cover your eyes partially. This will help to keep a larger part of your eyes lubricated while you are working.

When All Else Fails

If your vision has progressively worsened, look into finding a local center that provides LASIK in Abilene, Texas. This simple surgery reshapes the cornea, or outside eye surface, with a laser. Yes, this does sound like some sort of procedure performed by a mad scientist in the movies, but it can provide enormous results and you won’t feel a thing while the procedure is being performed. Most LASIK procedures can be performed in about an hour, and you will be able to return to your normal life in less than a day. LASIK can help some people to see perfectly once again, while it can also help to improve some serious eye problems.

Eye care starts with good exercise and eating habits. Continue your care regimen by wearing sunglasses with ultraviolet protection. If you take care of your entire body, while also applying these tips to care for your eyes, you will be able to protect your vision for years to come.