Six Ways to make Lawn Care Easier for Your Elderly Parents

Do you have elderly parents that struggle with lawn care? You may have noticed that their yard just doesn’t look as good as it once did. Take a few simple steps to help make your elderly parent’s lawn carefree, and spruce it up at the same time.

Get Rid of the Extras

Do your parents have outdoor décor? What about lawn furniture? Ask them if they’d be willing to let go of a few things. Omitting these items can work to simplify life greatly. It can also make maintaining the yard much easier.

Six Ways to make Lawn Care Easier for Your Elderly ParentsSix Ways to make Lawn Care Easier for Your Elderly Parents

Plant Perennials

Planting perennial flowers and plants can save time and money. Find plants that will flourish in your parent’s particular geography and soil. Your elderly parents will delight in flowers and bushes that will set off the house and yard with little fuss and care.

The Beauty of the Grown Cover

Ground cover plants are wonderful perennials that not only look great, but will greatly help your parents work less in the yard. Sedum Creeper, Blue Juniper and Sagina Moss will quickly take over any area of the yard where it is planted. In just a year or two, ground cover will spread and look like a carpet, even in poor soil. Periwinkle, Angelina and Sweet Woodruff ground covers produce lovely flowers, too. Make your parent’s yard look fabulous with the carefree beauty of ground cover!

Eliminate Trees

Do your parents have a problem with messy leaves, limbs and seedlings littering their yard? Perhaps they should consider hiring someone to cut down some of the trees. Less debris means less work year-round.

Make Work Enjoyable

If your elderly parents have a lot of grass to cut, perhaps they should consider purchasing a riding mower or one of those up-to-date mowers that are so easy to maneuver. Companies like ExMark offer a wide variety of mowers to make grass-cutting a breeze. When you help them find the right equipment, your elderly parents can continue to cut their own grass, conveniently, safely and easily.

Use Edgings

Edgings around your elderly parent’s yard will enhance it and make trimming much easier. Ground covers and perennials are excellent choices for these areas.

By introducing some new ideas about yard care to your elderly parents, you can help to lift their load and add to their leisure time. Give it a shot and see what happens. Then sit back and smell the flowers with your parents.